No more searching for pins in your clothes or on the couch!
Quiltmouse™ is a handy pincushion that you wear on your middle finger while sewing, with the mouse’s nose pointing upwards, as if it’s climbing up your arm. Wear Quiltmouse™ on the hand you don’t sew with, so you can conveniently stick pins into it.

All the materials needed to make the Quiltmouse™ are provided in a convenient zippered pouch, which is also useful for storing your Quiltmouse™ once it’s finished. The only additional items you’ll need are a needle and thread (or a sewing machine) and scissors.

The provided fabric piece is a cut from this cloth:
Northcott – DP22176-28 (see image). Each piece is unique!
The color of the zipper on the provided pouch (see image) may be yellow, turquoise, black, green, blue, or red.

With the clear instructions, you’ll bring your Quiltmouse™ to life in no time.


Delivery includes: materials for making the Quiltmouse™ and 1 zippered pouch.
Quiltmouse™ is a registered trademark of Quiltplaza/Procam Group.
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