Countryside Christmas


Electric Quilt 6 Project:
A lovely countryside Christmas picture. Made with both foundation piecing and applique.

Designer: Quiltplaza/Procam Group
Style: Pieced – Applique
Requires: EQ6 or EQ7 or EQStitch or EQ8

Download project only

You need Electric Quilt 6 on your pc or Mac to open these download projects. You can also open them in Electric Quilt 7, EQStitch or Electric Quilt 8.

These downloads are NOT PDF Patterns.

They are Electric Quilt projects: After downloading, the project can be opened from the Project Helper window in Electric Quilt. Blocks appear in your Sketchbook, ready to use. Save these blocks to your EQ Block Library ‘My Library’ to use them in other projects. You can work on the blocks and quilts and edit them as you like to make them your own. Print templates or foundation patterns, change sizes, colours and fabrics, etc. etc.

Enjoy editing this project and sewing it! We would love to receive a photo of YOUR version of the quilt.