EQ8 Designing Quilts


Quilt Design Tricks from EQ8 Experts

This book includes chapters on a wide variety of quilt designs, each teaching you many different features within the EQ8 software. Whether you like the quilt or not, working through each chapter will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of EQ8 so you can design your own masterpieces!

Chapter 1 (Jo Moury) – Quilts made with Serendipity! Frame a block to showcase your designs!

Chapter 2 (Amy Friend) – Modern quilts! Use asymmetric borders to create negative space for modern designs.

Chapter 3 (Evelyn Townsend) – Quilts with quilting stencils! Design faux on-point quilts using interesting block-setting tricks.

Chapter 4 (Patti R. Anderson) – Circular quilts! Draw pieced wedges and turn them into gorgeous eye-catching quilts.

Chapter 5 (Kerry Goulder) – Custom quilts! Learn the tips and tricks for tracing a photo to draw a foundation pieced block, then feature it in a simple custom layout.

Chapter 6 (Jenny Novinsky) – T-shirt quilts! Customize a layout from the library to create your own t-shirt quilt.

Chapter 7 (Barb Vlack) – Hexagon quilts! Create hexagon blocks and quilts using an isometric grid.

Chapter 8 – Sashing tips! Learn to extend cornerstones into the border of your quilt.

Chapter 8 –  Lone Star quilts! Create quick, easy, and dazzling Lone Star quilts!

About this Book

This book was written by the following contributing authors: Jo Moury, Amy Friend, Evelyn Townsend, Patti R. Anderson, Kerry Goulder, Jenny Novinsky, and Barb Vlack.

Pages 136
Size 8½” x 11″
Softcover, spiral binding, full-color content

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